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Oh, hello there.  No need to apologize for waking me up. I love spending the day sleeping on the deck so I always sleep with one eye open just in case. 

My name is Jake, I'm a big bull mastiff, and I live at Eva's Play Pups Countryside Dog Camp with my mom Eva, my dad Tom, and all my doggie brothers and sisters. I love meeting new people and making new friends with all of the dogs who come to visit or stay at our doggie camp.  I also love lunch, but that's another story.

The great thing about living here at the Countryside Dog Camp in Uniondale, PA is that I get to meet lots of new dogs all the time. Since we accept dogs for both dog boarding and doggie day care, I get to hang out with city dogs who come to visit from Brooklyn as well as country dogs from nearby in Northeast Pennsylvania. On the afternoons when new dogs arrive from New York, I'm hovering around the kennel waiting to say hi as they leap off the van to go for a good run after that long ride. No matter what the weather may be, we all have a blast exploring the grounds and finding lots of new smells.

At Eva's Play Pups Countryside Dog Camp, we get to spend the whole day playing outside all over the camp. With just over fifty acres available, there's lots of room to run, whether it be a hike through the Wayne County woods, a good chase across the fields, or a nice walk around the pond. My mom Eva says I'm not allowed to swim because I'm a mastiff, but there's nothing wrong with sticking your paws in the cool water while the other dogs dive off the dock or paddle around in the water. I'm normally pretty laid-back, but sometimes I like to get a good wrestle in with one of my friends. It doesn't matter whether it's just a nap on the deck with my giant schnauzer friend “Brown,” or going for a run with my pit bull buddy “Champ.”  Dog friends are some of the best friends you can make.

But it's not just other dogs I like to play with. The camp counselors who work here are some of my best friends. I love it when Jennifer gives me a great big hug or when Sheryl scratches me between the ears. I also get excited when people come to see the camp with their dogs. Sometimes I even get to meet kids, who always love to pet me and give me all the attention I deserve. I enjoy joining them on tours of the kennel and the camp to show them how much fun it can be to let their dogs come to stay. The more people I meet, the happier I am.

Do you have a dog you'd like to send to our camp out in the beautiful Endless Mountains? I'd sure like to meet them!  We can go for a good run or just take a nice nap out in the sun.   I also know all the best ways to trick a treat out of one of the counselors. Come and meet me! If you scratch me between the ears and offer me a snack, I'll love you forever.

Article contributed by:  Jennifer Matarese