Eva's Play Pups Countryside Dog Camp is so excited to announce that we have two renowned experts in dog socialization together for the first time!  Chad Mackin and Jason Vasconi are presenting this incredible workshop at our 52 acre farm located in the beautiful Endless Mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania. 

In this 2 day, hands-on workshop, Chad & Jason will introduce what real dog socialization is about, and how it uses the dogs' naturally strong social behavior to reduce stress and fear, build confidence and language skills, allowing for many common behavior problems to slip away.   They will explain and show how they read dogs body language, what behaviors are acceptable and which behaviors are not to asses them for socials as well as during them. 

Jason will showcase how his large field socialization work and Chad will do the same with indoor socialization. Attendees will be able to experience both with their dogs in a workshop that has never been done before.

This workshop is valuable not only for dog trainers, but also would be great for anyone who is looking for a better understanding of how dogs communicate with people and each other. Dog walkers, doggie daycare owners and workers have benefitted from both of Chad & Jason's workshop as have veterinarians and everyday dog owners. 

The workshop will be entertaining  and jam packed with vital information, the first of it’s kind and is not to be missed! While we encourage students to bring a dog with them, those who attend without a dog will not miss out on any of the experience.

Jason Vasconi has been training dogs for 28 years and holding large field dog socialization for 11 years. Jason’s large field socialization helps dogs become a better communicator with other dogs. It also hones their skills at impulse control, they learn how to better control their emotions, and how to make better decisions when stressed and under pressure. It is an efficient activity to fulfill dogs and bring trust and balance to their lives.

Watch what Jason’s Transform My Dog Large field socialization is all about here:

Chad Mackin has been training dogs for 22 years looking for the most fair, humane and effective training methodologies available which consistently produce reliable results in a reasonable amount of time. Chad started the “classic” Pack to Basics workshop, which has been incredibly successful and continues to grow in popularity each year. Having been presented in the US, Canada and the UK it has been extremely well-received. In this workshop he teaches how to use the dog’s natural instincts to alleviate and in many cases CURE anti-social and aggressive behavior in dogs. 

Here is video from a recent workshop of Chad’s Pack to Basics workshop in Baltimore:

**Due to the very high demand for attendance to this seminar, we are currently not accepting any more new applicants but have started a waiting list.  **

Fee: $400

Dates: Sat April 29 and Sunday April30th
Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm each day

Eva's Play Pups Countryside Dog Camp
2342 Belmont Turnpike Union Dale, PA 18470

Learn more about Eva's at: http://www.countrysidedogcamppa.com/

Water & snacks provided. 
All Breakfast & Lunches included | Saturday Group Dinner is an additional fee.