Part of what makes Eva’s Play Pups Countryside Dog Camp a step above the rest is our commitment to providing our staff all of the tools that they need to be the best Canine Counselors that they can!  We feel that continuing education is one of the most important and valuable things that we can offer to our team members - and we take every opportunity to do so!

Recently, Eva’s Play Pups staff members were given the opportunity to attend a seminar on general canine health and ailments.  We were so very lucky to have had our own on-call veterinarian, Dr. Dorothy Farr, present this material to us.


The seminar focused on some of the usual conditions that we see at camp, providing insight on how to diagnose and best treat when applicable.  Dr. Dorothy approached this by reviewing general information such as exam techniques, vital signs and first aid. She showed our team how to feel a dog’s stomach and organs for any abnormalities that may cause discomfort.  The staff also had the chance to listen to a normal heartbeat in a dog versus what it would sound like in a dog that has a heart murmur.


Dr. Dorothy also addressed the warning signs of overheating in the summer months.  She pointed out that this is more likely to occur in dogs with short snouts as well as longer haired dogs.  This was particularly important for our team as we are outside hiking and playing all summer long.

Our staff learned a great deal from Dr. Dorothy’s seminar - from how to handle the minor health issues that we face every day, to how to be prepared for extreme cases and emergency situations.  Our team members were so grateful for the opportunity to learn from an experienced vet. Dr. Dorothy helped us to feel more prepared and confident to safely and accurately care for our clients to the best of our abilities.