Double the Fun!


They say “two heads are better than one” but are two dogs better than one?  We certainly think so! Whether you are considering adding another pup to your pack or starting a pack with a pair of siblings, we of course recommend that you consider adoption!  If you have ever adopted an animal, you already know how wonderful it is to rescue one in need. In addition to saving a sweet pup, there are many other reasons why adopting a dog is an amazing option!  To learn more, check out our recent article - Rescued is Our Favorite Breed.


So is it better to adopt siblings or stagger your adoptions?  There are pros and cons to each option. When adopting siblings, it is already pretty clear that the two will be best buds and it often makes the transition to a new home easier on the dogs.  However, as you may have guessed, you will be in for double the work when it comes to training and if behavior issues arise, it may mean double the trouble.


If you stagger your adoptions, it can be less overwhelming for you when training your furry friends.  You can take your time and perfect training with pup #1 who will then help you teach pup #2 - hopefully leading by example.  Having your current dog show your new dog the ropes takes some of the pressure off you and can help build a great relationship for the fur siblings.  The downside is that your pup may get lonely or bored or even experience separation anxiety until they have a furry brother or sister.


One of the main reasons that people decide to add a second dog to their family is companionship for their existing fur child.  Introducing a furry brother or sister to your pup can really be great for them! It can help them feel comforted and not alone while you are not home plus it gives them a playmate - or even a cuddle buddy!  However, you want to be sure that your dog wants and/or is ready for a sibling. You should always do a meet and greet with a potential new pup to make sure that the two hit it off. While having a playmate is great, some pups prefer to be the only dog in the home.  


Having two happy and healthy dogs takes time, commitment and (of course) money.  You should carefully consider these things before you make the decision to be a double dog home.  Food, vetting, boarding and grooming are just some of the expenses to think about. Also - you will need to perfect your time management skills and be sure that you have the time for two pups.  If you do make the decision to have twice the tail wags and wet noses in your life, we can assure you that you will never regret it! And who knows - maybe there might even be a third in your future!  What’s one more, right?