Large Field Dog Socialization Lifesaver Training

Eva’s Play Pups is dedicated to making our campers’ stays fun and exciting but we are also very committed to their safety!  That means we are actively training in a regular basis to better be able to communicate with our campers. We are continually learning how to improve each camper’s stay at camp and we often look to professionals in dog care and training for guidance.


We recently hosted a seminar at camp revolving around dog behavior and pack mentality.  It focused on learning to read the signs that dogs give to each other while in a pack.  It was an amazing seminar, taught by renowned dog trainer Jason Vasconi, who has over 20 years of experience.  

Jason and his team of trainers started the three day interactive seminar each morning with a group discussion.  During this time, he explained the many different signs and body signals that dogs show to each other to communicate their feelings.   


After each morning’s lesson, Evas Play Pups staff spent the afternoons putting to practice what they had learned. This meant being out with a pack of dogs, watching for the signs we had learned about and used the proper techniques to respond to them in an reaffirming manner.


The seminar was a wonderful experience, and our staff was so grateful to Jason and his team for taking the time to teach us what they had learned from their own experiences.  We are also very fortunate that Eva is committed to continuing education and that she provides us with amazing opportunities such as this. Training seminars like the one we participated in with Jason Vasconi help us to learn and improve our skill set for working with our canine campers so that we can communicate with them to the best of our abilities.  


Learn more about the Jason Vasconi’s dog training at or visit his Facebook page