Q: What are your hours?
You can reach Eva's Play Pups by phone between 7AM-3PM Monday through Sunday.  Pick-up and Drop-Off hours are 7AM-5AM Monday through Sunday.  Tours are scheduled by Appointment Only.  Please visit our NYC Pick-Up & Drop-Off page for van schedule.  

Q: Do I need a reservation for my dog?
Yes, it is important since we only accept a small number of pre-screened dogs.

Q: What is your reservation policy?
Countryside Dog Camp reservations are a must. We ask that you book your reservation well in advance, at least two months is recommended, especially during holidays and summer months when we fill up quickly. We want to be sure we have space for your dog!  Full payment is due at time of booking to hold a reservation.  We cannot hold a reservation for your pup without full payment.  

Q: How far in advance should I schedule a van pickup for my dog?
Please schedule all van pickup stops and times at least 24 hours in advance.

Q: Do I need to spay/neuter my dog?
Yes, all dogs attending Countryside Dog Camp needs to be spayed and neutered for everyone's safety and enjoyment.

Q: Do I need to vaccinate my dog?
Yes, we require all dogs to be up to date on their Rabies vaccination (valid from 1-3 years) DHPP (valid from 1-3 years) and Bordatella (valid up to 6 months).  As of July 15, 2018 Eva's Play Pups also requires the Canine Influenza vaccine for all campers.  This vaccination requires a 2 shot protocol for first year vaccinations.  Your veterinarian will give your dog the first shot and then ask them to return for a booster shot 2-4 weeks later.  After the initial vaccination, this will then be a yearly vaccine. Please make sure your veterinarian is giving the "bivalent" vaccine which protects against the two strains of influenza that are currently out there: H3N2 and H3N8.

 We also ask that you provide flea and tick prevention for your dog. All dogs are checked at intake and any dog presenting with parasites will be treated at owner’s expense. Please discuss the value of Lyme Disease Vaccinations, Leptospirosis Vaccinations and Dog Influenza Vaccinations with your veterinarian.

Q: When do you offer Countryside Dog Camp?
All year long!

Q: I have a small dog.  Can he/she also enjoy Countryside Camp?
Absolutely!  Dogs of all breeds and sizes are welcome at camp.  Click Here for more information on our Small Dog Program.

Q: What areas do you serve?
While we currently only offer transportation to and from NJ (Hoboken and Jersey CIty clients click here to learn more) and NYC, we have clients from all over the world!  From our local Northeast PA area, to Philadelphia (click here) and Pittsburgh to international travelers, all are welcome! 

Q: What is the cost?
Regular Season = $65 per night; Holiday/Peak Season = $75 per night. For additional information, please visit our Rates Section.

Q: What does my dog eat?
To prevent belly problems, you should send your pup’s own food.  Please pack enough of your dog's standard food to last the duration of the stay. We find that switching our client's food will result in an upset stomach. Send your pet's food in disposable, marked zip-lock bags or containers. If you forget, we will happily provide a basic but good quality dog food brand for $6 for dogs up to 40 lbs; $12 for dogs 40 lbs and up. We also ask that you send extra food for long term stays. We stay very active at camp and the dogs quickly burn calories.

Q: How should we pack for Countryside Dog Camp?
  Food & medications only please! Please send enough food for your pups’ duration of the stay.  Also pack some extra as we are out doing activities most of the day and your buddy will burn lots of calories. Please DO NOT send dog bowls, scoops or measuring cups and also remember that space on our vans is limited, so only send as much food as you think your pup will need. Pack light!  No need for dog beds, blankets, toys or clothing items.  Be sure medications are marked properly with descriptions and directions. 

Q: Can my dog attend Countryside Dog Camp if he/she has a medical condition?
We unfortunately cannot accept dogs with serious medical conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes, cardiac problems, etc.  Please inform us prior to registration if your pup has a medical condition so we can discuss whether it is safe for him/her to attend Countryside Dog Camp.

Q: What if my dog is on medications? 
A:  Eva's Play Pups dedicated staff are happy to administer medications to your best friend.  PLEASE NOTE- make sure medications arrive clearly labeled with dog's name, dosage, and reason for administration.  This is for the SAFETY of your dog and so that Eva and her staff can keep an eye on your pooch's health and well being!

Q: Where does my dog sleep at night?
Your dog will sleep in the kennel building in an individual crate on a soft mutt mat or dog bed.

Q: How can I know that my dog will not run away?
We have 6 foot high (+2 feet deep) fencing across 30 acres of fields and hiking trails where dogs can run free under the supervision of our camp counselors. We also carefully consider each dog's individual needs and evaluate them before hiking off leash. All guests must have an ID tag. 

Q. What if my dog gets sick right before it is time to come to camp?  
A. If your dog is sick with any communicable disease or parasite he/she cannot come to camp for the safety and well being of his/her playmates.  

Q: How can I speak to someone at Eva’s Play Pups about Countryside Dog Camp?
Please e-mail us at info@evasplaypups.com and one of Eva's staff members will respond asap.

Q: How can I know what my dog is up to all day?
We primarily use Facebook, so we suggest liking us for photos and movies of pups having fun at the farm. However we do offer other forms of social media updates such as Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.  For more information, check out our Daily Doggie Schedule!